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Penis Pumps – How & Why

Penis pumps are considered as one of the ancient ways to erectile dysfunction in men. A large no of men have used it fruitfully over the years to get strong erection and maintain it to desired interval for successful sexual act.

Penis enlarger pumps are acknowledged as a good choice when you are not able to get the effective results through medicines, or when you want to avoid the penile surgery. Penis pumps can be used along with continuing other treatments for impotence. These are considered as one of the most affordable treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Initially penis enlargement pumps were meant for diabetic and patients of poor blood circulation, but many men find it very pleasurable too. The vibrating mechanisms makes it perfect for stimulating your penis. Due to persistent research in penis pumps now you can get the pumps which are light in weight and heavy duty. It is recommended that you should consult a GP first before using any penis pump, otherwise use at your own risk.

Penis Pumps for Penis Enhancement
There are various names for penis pumps with which they are known in the world some of which are as erection pumps, penis vacuum pumps and vacuum constriction device (VCD). These are safe, effective and non-invasive method to cure erectile dysfunction also called male impotence.

Generally, a penis enlarger pump is consists of a cylindrical tube with a pump that may be attached directly to the tip of the penis. The tube is attached to a manual, motorized or battery-powered pump to create vacuum. When a pump generates a vacuum around the penis, blood is forced into the penis thus helping it to erect. To prevent from damaging penile tissues avoid excessive pressure. The cock rings are slipped into the tip of the penis before releasing the vacuum. This ring helps to hold back the blood flow and thus helps maintain the erection. It is recommended that you should not wear the penis ring more than 30 minutes.

Penis Enlarger Pumps – Way for Stronger Erections

Even though penis enlarger pumps do not resolve erectile dysfunction completely, but they help you very well to achieve an erection at will, which is adequate enough for sexual intercourse. Penis pump can be seen as a cumbersome device but research show that older men having stable relationships are much more satisfied with this device. Doctors also recommend a combo of medicine and penis pump to some men. Even those men can also go for penile implants.

How to use a penis pump correctly?
Penis pump can help you effectively only when you use it correctly you can follow these steps for properly usage of penis pumps –

To insert the penis properly into the tube it is suggested to apply some lubricant at the base of your penis. You should even trim your pubic hair to increase air seal.

Place the cylindrical tube over the penis and fit it properly at the base of your penis.

Now, the need is to create vacuum around the penis pump in the cylindrical tube. So pump the air out of the cylinder with the hand or motorized pump. Perform this process carefully to avoid any kind of malfunction. However, if does hurt you, stop using the penis pump.

Once the vacuum is created it forces the blood to flow towards the base of the penis, forcing it to swell and become erect.

Pumping should be continued until your penis becomes fully erect. Now stop pumping and leave the pump as it is for about 2-5 minutes to get the penis filled with more blood and then remove the pump.

Once the above mentioned steps are over slide down a well greased cock ring to the base of the penis to maintain the attained erection. This cock ring helps to keep the blood in the penis and helps you in maintaining the erection.

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